#CUErockstar reflections

In August 2014, I was at the very first CUE Rockstar TOSA camp when I heard the words, "We intend to ruin PD for you." Those words changed me. After a weekend of professional learning, I knew PD would never be the same for me, both as a participant and a the professional learning leader. 

Fast forward to February 2015...I was asked to be faculty at a CUE Rockstar TOSA Black Label event. That means that CUE was involved in providing professional development for a private PD event that two school districts were teaming up for.  It was my first experience as faculty for a CUE event and I loved connecting with other TOSAs who work to support their districts in a similar way as I do. 

Fast forward again... to January 2016. Last month I had the opportunity to be faculty at another #CUERockstar event being held for TOSAs. We met up during the last weekend of January at the @RemindHQ in San Francisco, CA.  About 100 TOSAs, Academic Coaches, and Digital Learning Coaches met for a weekend of PD...and it was amazing.  Being surrounded by a large group of folks who share the same interests, passions, and can relate to the same job demands and mindsets was inspiring.  From the moment the event began, to the last moments of the weekend, this CUE Rockstar event was like no other I had attended.  I decided that I needed to blog about this event. I write this micro-blog on Pic Collage the night I got home. I wanted to share it here, in my attempts to share more blog posts, and I realized this could be one way to actually get more blogs in...make them small, bite-size blogs, and just get it done.

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microblog created with the @PicCollage app.